Thursday, 11 May 2017


Keezhadi near Madurai is a site of a dig. For the first time, an archeological dig in this region is attempting to gather evidence of urban settlements in ancient Tamil nadu.

There are many stories of the Tamil Sangam in ancient times which implied the presence of  great urban settlements where literary seminars were held. It is said that much of the evidence was drowned in the sea after a great flood (maybe a tsunami) which obliterated the cities. Kumari kandam is believed to have existed many thousands of years ago. But the great ancient urban Tamilnadu theory had no archeological evidence. One reason could be that either some cities were drowned and some others like Madurai continue to be urban settlements where digs cannot be carried out.

An ASI officer from the Bangalore office has discovered many sites along the Vaigai which show evidence of ancient cities in this region. The team has done remarkable work in Keezhadi, the site chosen for the first dig. But as evidence of the urban settlements emerged, the ASI officer has been posted to Assam.

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