Sunday, 25 January 2015

Every year, around this time of the year, a sunbird (I think) tries to build its nest on my clothes line. I try to discourage it hoping it will find a more suitable place, but I am often unsuccessful. many times, it has built its nest hanging on one wire. The nest is a marvel with a basket woven from twigs and leaves hung from the wire with a strong anchor. However, since it is hung by one woven loop, it swings whenever the wire moves and usually the amplitude of the swing is large and the eggs fall out. It saddens me when that happens which is why I discourage it from building its nest.
This year,  the sunbird has shown amazing intelligence. It has realised the problem and found a solution!
This year it has built its nest with two anchors on two parallel clothes lines! The nest does not swing if I am careful and so far so good...there seems to be an egg or maybe a hatchling inside. I don't dare to look too close in case it abandons the nest.

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