Saturday, 9 April 2016


The population of the US must be a fraction of ours, and that of the state of Wisconsin a fraction of any of our states.  Yet, they are not able to make proper arrangements to see that everyone gets to vote. In many places according to this video, there was confusion and they blame it on the new rule that everyone must have a valid voter id. Cheers to the Election Commission of India who manage to conduct the election with almost 900 million voters all with voter ids. 

metallurgy in ancient India

With all the pseudoscience ascribed to ancient Hindus, one real scientific/ technological achievement
is described here.
Another is the Iron Pillar presently near the Qutub Minar.
The hyped up pseudoscience does great disservice to the real scientific achievements in our history.


When my children were born, I decided they can learn English and Hindi once they start school, but before that, they must learn Tamil. Secondly, I don't know baby talk in any language other than Tamil. Both my children spoke Tamil till age three and then suddenly, if I spoke in Tamil, they answered in English so that by the age of about 4 or 5, they spoke only English. I never realised when that happened. Now a Star trek fan has tried teaching Klingon to his son. His results explain a lot to me

April 17th op-ed in the Hindu has two articles. One  about the HERC and another about research in medical colleges. First the article abo...