Thursday, 16 January 2014

Auto woes

A few days back, my nephew came to visit us from Chennai. He said that after a PIL filed by a lawyer, all autos in Madras now charge reasonably and go by the meter.........(maybe they have also become polite!!!). I am likely to go to Chennai next month and that would be a cause for celebration. I have forgotten that it was once, decades ago, possible to travel by auto in Madras without my blood pressure shooting up.
But perhaps the malady will now be transferred to Delhi...........The new government in Delhi has decided that auto drivers that fleece passengers cannot be challaned by Delhi Police.....the understaffed Delhi transport authority will take over.  In other words, field day for Delhi auto drivers!

Sunday, 5 January 2014


"Dehydrated Water 
Unlike traditional water bottling facilities who bottle water only from one specific region, we have designed an innovative blending system that harnesses and compresses the benefits of waters ranging from the French Alps to the Rocky Mountains.  Our 27-step process bonds the molecules and rigorously blends the waters together.  It then secretes the water molecules and harvests them for the final stage.  Once ready, the substance is introduced to the environment and the excess vapors are released.  The remaining substance is pure, natural, dehydrated water."
Someone has actually  sold it, bought it and reviewed it.

April 17th op-ed in the Hindu has two articles. One  about the HERC and another about research in medical colleges. First the article abo...