Monday, 23 November 2015

New environmental law

The new amendments to the environmental law will be done with the help of E&Y and AMSS one a consulting firm doing environment impact assessment for industries and another a law firm that worked for Adani and Vedanta.
Put the cat in charge of the milk

Friday, 6 November 2015


Yesterday, I started working for my annual science exhibition at the school I go to.
One boy, a regular enthusiast, came to me and said he wanted to make a drone.
I responded by saying, while it is an excellent idea, maybe he could make a presentation about drones, but making one would be difficult.
I am now bothered by doubts that maybe I should have said why not. But actually I do know we cannot make a drone with old plastic bottles and tin cans- which is what we do usually. Our budget cannot be used to buy a kit, and I  am opposed to buying kits on principle- for this exhibition- where innovation with existing stuff is what I want to promote.
However, should one disappoint a kid or should one give false hope and then let down? This dilemma has bothered me even with my kids. When they were small, I would not give false promises or out of place "sabaashi". In fact, even for ordinary stuff, I would give promises with a rider "if possible". But in my defense, I have never broken a promise if I make it and in my mind the "if possible" meant I have to do it. My husband on the other hand would promise the moon and it did not bother him if he failed to keep  it. His philosophy is - don't disappoint the child when he comes to you.
I am never sure which approach is good for kids.   

Vedic people

In my school days, the Aryans populating India were of central Asiatic origin who entered India from the north west. Then there was this hu...