Saturday, 24 August 2013

A blog post that I found interesting 
As a child, I thought this story very funny.........a man sells the Taj mahal to a rich tourist and other versions of this.
 It's not funny anymore since it is really happening. Sell forest land to mining compnies, sell farm lands to real estate promoters...  

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

village school

It educative to see what problems a small school faces. I went to this school run by a group of women who offer their services voluntarily. It is a free school with children in classes LKG to seventh. They do not have much money and run on donations received. They pay a small salary to about six teachers. They give the children a hot meal of kichidi cooked in the school kitchen. Other volunteers help them in teaching and with the administration. But the problem is, the school is approached through a village road. The long spells of rain have left pits up to 3 ft deep all along this road. No volunteer is willing  to visit them. I myself did not visit the school for the past few weeks, since I was afraid to drive my old car over those roads. So the ladies running the school are now trying to fill up the potholes in the roads themselves since the graam panchayat is not willing to so.
In addition to running the school, they are now into road building.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

the business of politics

Today I met this person who seemed clued up about this Telangana issue. I asked him whether Ongole is really being considered as the capital city for Andhra. He said that influential people buy land in Ongole and then start a rumour that Ongole is going to be the new capital.  The real estate prices start soaring. They sell and move out. They then buy land in Vijayawada and start rumours about Vijayawada............This can be done quite a number of times......Vizag, Guntur, Cuddapah..........making a number of killings. 

Monday, 5 August 2013


I have two children, now grown up. When they were young, I was annoyed most days by their bickerings.......if I pull up one  of them for an offence, the defense would not be about that particular offence, but an accusation that when the other sibling did something comparable, I said nothing so why am I doing so now................Usually, I would not have any recollection of this previous offence, which would put me on the backfoot.
I am sure most parents of young children have the same experience.

Politicians do the to BJP about Gujarat riots, they say what about Congress and the anti Sikh riots.  CM of UP says what about Mayawati ill-treating IAS officers? So if someone commits a crime, it's now open season on that particular crime.
My children's bickering comes to mind every time.

I watch this TV show called Blue Bloods. It is about a family of New York Police Department officers. The show is fictional and makes all ...