Thursday, 9 February 2017

Haldi ghati

The Haldi Ghati battle is immortalised in a poem I learnt in school. If I remember right, there were some verses dedicated to his horse Chetak.
This battle, where Rana Pratap fought valiantly, however resulted in his being forced to retreat.

Just like some valiant saviours of Rajputs did not like the imagined imaginary scene between Padmavati and Allahuddin, the minister for higher education govt of Rajasthan doesn't like this fact about the battle.
He has decided that Rana Prathap won the battle of Haldighati decisively and this version will now be in the history books used by the University.
While you are at it sir, can we please please have my great great great grandfather a Rajput warrior (I am a Tambram, but let's not nitpick) who decimated Akbar or Aurangzeb's army (it doesn't matter who) and ruled over the whole of India and never let the British set foot in India.
Incidentally, as a bonus for you, we can then do away with Gandhi and Nehru and other such people you don't British rule, no freedom fighters.

A footnote, should you have one prescribed textbook for college students? If you don't, maybe they will read too much and become JNU types.

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