Saturday, 13 June 2015

college coaches

There is often a tussle in colleges and universities between sports coaches and the teaching staff.
Students who play some sport/game for the college, try to miss lab sessions and lectures saying they have to practice their game. Which is fine within limits, but when they do not do even a quarter of the lab sessions, have 35% attendance in class and they still insist they must be allowed to write their practical exam, it gets to be too much. The coach adds his two bits worth saying they are his star goalkeeper or bowler or whatever. We get a lot of pressure from the coach about this.
Now I say, that I have this boy who is a chemistry wiz, aces his tests and does his lab sessions with thoroughness and exactitude. This boy likes football, would like to play for the college, but cannot kick the ball to save his life. So I say that  the coach must make him the quarterback in the college football team because he is good at Chemistry.....would the coach agree?
There was this udent in my class many years back who was a National level Kho-Kho player and a fencing champ, again at national level. She used to make it a point to attend all classes except when at training camps and would try and catch up with whatever she missed.....and she did this seemingly that is a person I really admired! 

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