Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Quiet time

Between the ages of 12-17, I lived in a quiet hill town. The school was on top of a huge hill maybe 1500 ft above the town and my house halfway up the opposite hill.  Every morning I would rush down one hill and up another... It would take me about 40 minutes of vigorous walking. I enjoyed my school life. Back home in the evening, I would stand in my garden watching the sun set and the twilight give way to the stars...just idling. I enjoyed the evenings even friends, just me and the sky and the hills. I think that's when I grew up and became me. Nowadays, children don't get any time to find themselves. No time for themselves, no time to just go and play with friends, not time to just be. Someone else says it better.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Beautiful campus

I visited BITS Pilani - Hyd yesterday. They have a beautiful campus. The architect has made use of that beautiful feature of this region-- the rocks-- while landscaping. The rocks here are like works of art, sculpted and polished and some apparently teetering on their toes.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

I dislike dirty jokes. There is a stage in most boys-- when they are 10 years or so, when jokes like Maruti with a leak being Maruti Soosooki are extremely funny...they roll with laughter. I find dirty jokes just like that- only the people are not 10 years old and hence I find them more obnoxious. The AIB knockout was obnoxious-- I found the jokes not funny at all, only cringe-worthy.
So I discovered this thing.... a cross on the top right corner-I clicked it and Lo! behold the video went off and I was no more subjected to the horrible jokes.
I would like to share this discovery with all those who want it banned...People, just click on the cross on the top will be offended no more. 

April 17th op-ed in the Hindu has two articles. One  about the HERC and another about research in medical colleges. First the article abo...